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About the Creator of the SymbolChooser Word Processor - John Mellema

John Mellema

SymbolChooser was written to be the implementation of an idea of mine for encoding and ordering language symbols based on the shape of each symbol rather than a humanly defined numeric value for each symbol. This idea was patented on November 6, 2007 in United States Patent #7,292,248 - "TECHNIQUE FOR STORING AND DISPLAYING COMPUTER TEXT". More can be read about my patent by searching for "7292248" at this site:

It is my interest in the mathematics of combinations and orderings that led me to begin considering possible ways to encode the shapes of language symbols. One thing that I like about encoding symbols based on their shape is that all symbol shapes can be inserted into a document equally easily. This is in contrast to text based documents where some other group of people has determined what symbols will be standard for all users.

I have always had an interest in math and computer programs. In 2003 I began learning to program in the Java programming language and since then I have gained a lot of experience in Java through a combination of college courses, reading books on my own, and experimenting with my own programs. I have written a few programs for other people and many more for my own use. SymbolChooser is my first large scale commercial application. In studying other software applications I have developed a dislike for bloated and overly complicated software. I hope that SymbolChooser users will find my program to be concise and user friendly.

When I am not working at a computer my hobbies include sports, especially hockey and soccer, and spending time with my dogs. I am located in Western Michigan and can be reached by email at