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SymbolChooser is a fully functional multi language word processor that can be used by anyone familiar with word processors such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Works, or OpenOffice. Language creation users and those who want to type in a language that is not featured on their keyboard layout can use SymbolChooser to insert foreign and new language characters into documents with a single keystroke and share the keyboard layouts between users who want to type in the same language.

Symbol Creation Example

  1. Assign the new symbol to a keyboard key
  2. Draw the shape desired on the Symbol Creation Grid
  3. SymbolChooser presents symbol patterns similar to your drawing for you to choose from
  4. Use the new symbol in your document along with other symbols and letters
Symbol Draw

Symbol Keyboard

Symbol Modification Example

SymbolChooser also enables you to control the size of the symbol and raise or lower it relative to other symbols and letters. Additionally the slant and style of the symbol can also be adjusted.

Symbol Modifier

SymbolChooser documents can arrange the symbols on each line in one of four writing orientations and can change writing orientation at any time. SymbolChooser does not constrain the user to using only the characters and symbols of Unicode. Users can choose from trillions of trillions of different symbols to be assigned to a key on the keyboard and inserted into a document the same as any letter, number, or punctuation mark.

SymbolChooser User Manual

SymbolChooser also includes a built-in User Manual that provides quick aids and instructions.

Symbol Help

SymbolChooser Features:

Symbol Row

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